I like to ride,
and often go off by myself for a little touring.
 Here's some information on a couple of rides I've done, and some links to other sites you might find of interest as well.

A few trips I've taken

Chicago to Biloxi in summer of 1993
San Francisco to LA in August of 1997
Chicago to Wisconsin Dells (detailed route) in June of 1998 (updated 1999 & 2002)
The L.A.T.E. Ride through Chicago in 1998
O'Hare Airport : How to get into and out of - on a bike.
Atlanta to New Orleans in the spring of 2000
 Chicago to LaSalle-Peru in June of 2000
[Weblog] and  [Picture Albums] Longview, TX to Pensacola, FL in the Spring of 2003
 [Weblog] and [Picture Albums] from a trip around Lake Michigan in the summer of 2004.
North Channel Trail Bridge which may NOT get built!  Survey on 3/20/05.
[Weblog] and Picture Albums from a trip down the west coast in 2005, Canada to San Francisco
[Weblog]and [Pictures] from the Grand Illinois Trail around Illinois during the summer of 2006
[Weblog] for another trip Chicago to Wisconsin Dells in the summer of 2006
[Weblog] and [Pictures] for a short trip in 2007 along the Gulf Coast, from New Orleans to Oceans Springs, MS.
[Weblog]  and [Pictures] for a second 2007 tour around Lake Michigan - this time all the way around
[Weblog] and [Pictures] from an aborted attempt to ride to St. Louis during the midwest flooding of June 2008
[Weblog]  and [Pictures] for the 1st outing of 2009 - to Peru and further west along the Hennepin Canal
[Weblog] and [Pictures] for a three-day trip up to Briggsville, Wisconsin in June of 2009
[Weblog] and [Pictures] for a train-bike-train trip to Carbondale in southern Illinois, August 2009
[Weblog] and [Pictures] from a ride from Pittsburgh to Washington DC in May of 2010
[Weblog] from a ride part-way down the Katy Trail starting in St. Louis, Missouri

Here's some additional links to places I've found useful and interesting:

Crazy Guy On a Bike - many, many diaries of bicycle touring.  Including mine.
Chicago Bicycle Information Page
 Travel with Bicycles , a resource for travelling by train, plane, bus, and shipping
Mike's Mega Bicycle Links
Sheldon Brown's Home Page (A gold mine of information!)
Ken Kifer's Bike Page (Lots of stories, reading, and from whence I swiped the graphics)
Chuck Anderson's Home Page (More stories from the road)
Bike Trails of Wisconsin and the Midwest Many Wisconsin trails from Craig Holl
Calculator to figure the gear ratios on your bike
The Bike FAQ
Chicago Bike Shop Database
Brightspoke - we believe the world would be a better place if more people rode bikes more often.
Bicycles for Fitness -  All About Cycling: Biking for Fitness, Transportation, Recreation and Sport
http://www.insure-net.com/save-a-car-trip-bike-instead - Save a Car Trip, Bike Instead
http://www.treadmillreviews.net/a-beginners-guide-to-healthy-cycling/  A  Beginner's Guide to Healthy Cycling
https://www.rosenfeldinjurylawyers.com/bike-safety-avoiding-injuries-on-your-bike-commute.html   Bike Safety while on the road

Planning a trip?
Three places worth checking:
     climate, precipitation, and temperature patterns for the United States,
     sunrise, sunset, and moonphase charts.  Plan ahead!
     The Weather Underground - use the "Trip Planner" link to find the weather in your intended destination

Groups and advocacy:

Active Transportation Alliance
League of Illinois Bicyclists
League of American Bicyclists
The Rails-To-Trails Conservancy

And the BEST of them all!

 Chicago Critical Mass   an un-organization that doesn't exist, a spirit without a body, a ride not a race, no dues, no officers, just for fun,  on the last Friday of every month.  Just come and join the ride.  (and find out why 'anarchy' isn't the bad word you were taught it was.)

..and I'm still working on this. So come back and check. If you have any suggestions for links I should include, E-mail me! R-Kastigar@neiu.edu

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